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Best way to digitize and archive old paper documents?

Hi all!

I've decided that the hour to re-visit and re-organize the storage room has struck! The trouble is: I got a decent number of boxes brimming with old hard copy documents - most of which I or my father transported there to free up some room in the office. Some of these bad boys are 14-15 years old (thank God we labeled them with the origin year of the documents within). Now, it is time for them to go, I'm afraid - at least regarding their physical form.

So, does anyone has experience in digitizing heaps of old files in a way that they can easily (or semi-easily) track them on a hard drive? I want to set up rules so that each document ends in the right folder instantly, so that all files from the year 2008 go to the same place, for example. Hence, I need software that can catch up on the date of the file and discern its end location. I considered going to a scanning service for this, but given how I'll have to inspect what's inside each of the boxes - I'd rather select what needs saving by myself (it's also cheaper this way). I'm aware that it will be a behemoth of a task, but then again - what do I own I scanner and a shredder for?

Any recommendations are welcome!


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