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Anyone else having a disappointing peony year?

last year
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I’m in zone 7a (Fairfield County, CT). My peonies mostly seem to be underperforming this year. One of my Itohs (I think it’s an Itoh, at least - it predates my ownership) has just a few shrunken buds. A couple of my herbaceous peonies are doing okay, but a couple just have one or two unimpressive buds. Most of these plants are old but were transplanted here in fall 2020, so have had two growing seasons in this spot (and did well!). One or two are new from spring 2021.

Is this perhaps a function of the very warm February followed by a cold snap we experienced in the Northeast? Some of the herbaceous peonies were pushing out strong and early but since then have seemed to have experienced arrested development.

Some photos from this year contrasted with a photo from May 26, 2022. While I know a couple of weeks makes a big difference, it's apparent that I'm not going to experience anything like the amount of flowering I had last year.

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