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Should I buy a grow light for my Fiddle-Leaf Fig?

7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

I recently brought home this fiddly-leaf fig and am concerned it is not getting enough light where it is placed. The seller insisted it would be enough, but of course he wanted to sell it to me, so I am seeking confirmation from elsewhere :)

While it does get some indirect light from the window pictured in the video, it is not a whole lot, so I am worried about it falling ill or losing too many leaves, since I have heard they should ideally be placed next to windows.

Since there is nowhere else in the house to place it, my question is whether you would recommend I buy a strip glow light to place on the wall next to it? If so, what strength of light would you recommend, as this is all new to me?

Thank you very much in advance!

p.s. The video insertion tool does not seem to be working, so this is the link to the video I uploaded that shows the room context better: (both this and the photo probably show the plant receiving a bit more light than it does, since the latest iPhones tends to brighten things.)

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