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Just a quick note that these activities are for FOTESS members (which stands for Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps). If you are not a member but would like information, please contact me (Jeanne) by sending a Houzz message. I can only answer you if you include your email address or have Houzz set up so you can receive messages.

SWAP: Members do not have to sign up for the swap in order to participate in the games. However, if you want to swap this month, please sign up by May 8. Keeping it simple. Look through the significant items your state has selected to honor (state bird, state tree, state beverage, state insect, etc.) These will be listed online when you search if you don't already know them. Send one pack of seeds that represents the color of one of these items and a card or note telling about what the color represents. Please send by May 17 and post when you send and when you recieve. (For example, if you have the cardinal as your state bird, you could send seeds that produce red leaves, fruit, or flowers.)

GAMES: Now for two games for us to play. May starts out with the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby races. We are going to just have fun with this, no betting, but select a horse that you predict will win the Kentucky Oaks (fillies, a race for the girls) and the Kentucky Derby (colts, a race for the boys). If the horse you pick comes in first you will get 3 points, second 2 points and third 1 point. I will total scores for both of the races and the person with the most points will win a prize for this game based on these well-known races.

Please post your choices by the end of the day Thurs. (May 4) for the Oaks because it will be run on Fri. and by the end of the day on Fri. (May 5) for the Derby which will be run on Sat. I will also try to assign an additional horse for you so you have two horses to cheer on. As you may know, horses sometimes get removed due to injury or illness so this may not totally represent those who will run, but it's what is anticipated. If your horse is withdrawn, another horse will not be assigned to take its place. Hopefully with me assigning a second horse to you, you will still have a horse in the race. Each horse can only be chosen by one person so if the one you like best has been selected by someone, choose one that has not been picked already.

Please see my note below about the horse names. This is not correct about the Oaks participants. Those who have already signed up can pick someone different and if not, I will assign two horses for you to cheer on from the correct list.

Kentucky Oaks (Select one not already chosen and post it for us)

Secret Oath


Hidden Connection


Goddess of Fire


Echo Zulu

Venti Valentine

Desert Dawn

Kathleen O. - Ruth

Cocktail Moments - Annie

Candy Raid



Kentucky Derby (Select one not already chosen and post it for us)

Practical Move

Angel of Empire

Tapit Trice

Two Phil's

Lord Miles

Derma Sotogake


Raise Cain - Annie

Rocket Can - Ruth

Hit Show

Confidence Game


Sun Thunder




Jace's Road



Wow, that's lots of horse names. Some are so clever and some reflect the names of the sire and dam. Always fun to figure those out.

Plant discussions and pictures are always welcome. May is a great month for gardens.

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