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In my panel running out of spaces on my ground bar

4 months ago

I've attached 3 photos zooming in. In the bottom photo you can see the only hole left in the ground bar in my panel. I'm connecting up a circuit so will require both ground and neutral to be connected to the ground bar.

1) Can I connect both ground and neutral under the same (single) screw?

2) You can see this hole is very large--probably made for #6 or so wire. Can I put #12 wire under a screw/hole made for #6? If the answer to either of the above questions is "no", what to do?

3) How about putting in a new ground bar on the left side of my panel? Would this work?

4)Do I need any additional bonding of this ground bar to the panel or are the screws that hold it to the panel sufficient?

Thank you all so much!

Best wishes

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