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Bosch Dishwasher.

4 months ago

My Bosch dishwasher that I bought in January 2006 is doing weird things, so I'm looking for a new one. I looked at the new Bosch washers and, I was surprised how flimsy the racks were . They are much more substantial in this machine.

Reading the board about Bosch, the newest posts I found were from 2020. I'd be interested in anyone's experience with one bought after 2020. I'm not bothered by the issue of plastic not dry. We use very little, and the glass dries just fine if you give it a little time before emptying the dishwasher.

It goes through the whole cycle, the detergent drawer opens, but there is no water going through the sprayer arms. It stops at 1 min. To remove the standing water, I have to cancel the cycle and it pumps out the water then it will zero out.

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