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This season's styles ... Liking what you are finding?

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I have mentioned a few times that I was looking to add a few new clothing pieces this season-- a few fun things and some basics. I have had a few wins (love the RL longline sweater) but mostly misses. I am not liking what is in stores or they are cropped too short or too long and tunic-y. I am not even liking plain old simple long sleeve tees. I am either between sizes or they look sloppy or cheap.

It very well could be where I am in my weight-loss journey-- still bigger than I want to be but smaller than I've been ... but I don't think that's the whole problem. I think I am just uninspired by this seasons' offerings.

I am going to stop looking for now ... focus on some accessories, eyeglasses (I found a new pair i love lol) and decor for my office and patio.

How are you fairing this season.. are you shopping for spring/summer clothes and finding items you like? Maybe I am just looking at the wrong places!

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