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Remove bulkhead to add porch?

4 months ago

Do you think I should move / remove a bulkhead to add a porch?

We renovated our kitchen and added French doors to a future porch. But need to move or take out a bulkhead to add the porch. When we did the original design it seemed like a great idea, but I’m now flinching at the added cost to remove the bulkhead.

Is it worth it to add the porch from the original design? An option is to take out the bulkhead and expand a basement window to make a legal egress… which will also add more light.

I’ve already replaced the furnace, oil tank and hot water heater. We almost never use the bulkhead… and don’t use the basement much now.. but that could change. I think I’ll be in the house for another 5 years at least… but also don’t know, I could stay here for 10 years.

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