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Looking for ninebark experience, suggestions

Specifically Summer Wine Black. Although I can never make a decision so I'm also looking at Ginger Wine.... Festivus Gold is nice too.... lol

Anyway, does anyone have any photos of this (Summer Wine Black) in their garden? Many descriptions say "upright habit" but then I see photos of a more cascading habit.

Also, just looking for general thoughts (on Summer Wine Black or other ninebarks - open to suggestions!) Love it, hate it? Problems or issues?

This will be going into a bed that has (or will have) several apricot-colored, paler yellows, and lavendar flowers - my "transition" bed from my small red/yellow/orange area to the rest of my garden which is pinks and purples. So I'm thinking the darker foliage will look nice as a backdrop to the apricots.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!



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