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Living room Layout with Lots of Pathways Help

Alexis Mizell-Pleasant
12 months ago
last modified: 12 months ago

Hi world. Never posted on here before so forgive me if I have no clue what im doing, but I have a livingroom layout issue that I’d love some perspective on. Last year we bought a 1980s ranch on the water with vaulted ceilings in the livingroom and tons of natual light and windows. While I love all of that, there are so many paths of travel and windows that is makes it hard to layout furniture placement. We recently bought the most comfortable leather sectional and I just can’t seem to place it right.

Things to note- 1.the chair there is a placeholder as we dont have an accent chair to test out. 2. the double windows behind that chair (next to the plant) will soon be a sliding glass door. Doors are also directly across from it accessing out sun room though they are often closed. 3. only furniture that has to stay is the couch and the coffee table. Tv is currently above the fireflace but open to moving if possible.. 4. yes we have blue green carpet- we are living with it for awhile bc we have two toddlers and figure why not get the use out of it while we save up for lvp throughout. Overhead lights arent on in this pic. Ultamitely, we want this space to be cozy and moody and inviting for gathering and TV watching. Thank you for any and all ideas. If you have design ideas I’m open to thise too. our styling is a traditional (because of our house) meets MCM and we have tons of precious art, decor, ect from the midecentury era. also interested in painting. THANK YOU!

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