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Help with my bathroom sink headache

5 months ago

I have a 55 lb American Standard wall hung sink that went into a new bathroom. The contractor's workman said he put in blocking behind the wall but something seemed off to me. My architect asked them to remove the medicine cabinet today so we could see down into the wall and see what the blocking is attached to.

The "blocking" is a probably 1" thick panel that is drilled into the wall board. The wall board is attached to studs that are quite far away from each other. In my mind, I always think of blocking as being attached between studs and into the studs, not just screwed onto a piece of wall board.

Comments, thoughts, questions, concerns?

Thank you all for crowdsourcing the details of nearly every part of my renovation headaches. Seems this contractor grew his company since we last saw his work and he has less contact overseeing the work directly. Not good.

Panel is next to stud but not attached to it. It is attached to the wall board.

Im on the floor looking up inside the wall seeing the lower right corner of the panel that is screwed into wall board and not near a stud.

Same view but from above looking down into the wall.

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