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My order from AHHoya has arrived!

Box lined with styrafoam, really fast shipping (although pricey) through Dragon Courier.

Leaves on most of them look pretty dried out, at least the thin leaved ones. Sigillatis and Krinkle 8 red flower look the best.

roots, as usual for imports, are pretty trashed

This is an extra gift plant, labeled "Soul Stone." Has anyone heard of this one?

praetorii Pink Corona

griffithii yellow

subcalva IML 0484

pachyclada small leaves

sigillatis silver AH 001

carnosa Krinkle 8 red flower

soaked in a bin of water with a little superthrive mixed in for about an hour and a half.

All chopped and propped and potted.

And into their new home (evicted a bunch of smaller cutting to make room).

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