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Approximate cost to remodel split level

5 months ago

I know this will vary a ton but I just need a rough idea...

Here are some things that can help narrow the range...

- I live in New Jersey

- I already have an open floor plan and kitchen I love (house was previously gutted prior to us buying so I would like to keep whats already here intact)

- In 5 years I want to start the process of adding on to the house

-I have a split level (grey house in photo), would like to add a level, change the roof line, add a porch and extend our main floor to be a little bigger (pushing maybe the front of the house forward ... )

-the extra level would be a master bedroom and master bath (and since the chimney is on that side i'd like to have a fireplace in our master)

-if there's any way to add one more bedroom up there would like that too but not sure

The "after" photo here is a house in my neighborhood that is a good example of what I want done.

Any idea on the cost of something like this?

I just have no idea what to expect.

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