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Wood chip mulch and nitrogen

5 months ago

Hi everyone,
Summer is right around the corner and it's time to add mulch to my pots to help insulate them against the heat.
I read a few articles online that say that pine wood chip mulch doesn't really deplete nitrogen that bad, just on the top few inches. This is probably great news for those who garden in the ground where plants can send their roots way down, but what about container gardening?
"Afew inches" isn't really very specific. I garden in pots that vary in size between 5-12 gallons. So if "a few inches" means like eight or nine that would affect most of the soil in the pot. How deep does wood much rob nitrogen in the soil? Is hay a better option (would it have less of this effect in a pot) ?
I usually mulch with mineral options like leca and pumice, but wanted to give wood chips a try for this summer because they're just so much cheaper. I don't have the option of aging the bark (I garden on a roof, don't have a compost pile up there).
Looking for a good mulch against heat that won't zap the nutrients in my pots. Any insight would be appreciated!

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