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Property Line Dispute

5 months ago

I recently had my property surveyed and discovered my neighbors claim of where the line is was off.

In fact, his shed is about a foot on my land and the eaves hang over 3 feet. It’s a moveable non permanent structure.

His in-laws previously lived in my home and I moved in 2 years ago. I’ve watched him continually mow the lawn between us where all my utilities run and every time I call 811 to flag utilities for work, he pulls out the flags to cut the lawn.

Turns out, he actually only owns a 5 foot bed with done boxwoods he planted against his house. All the lawn (about 9 feet) between us is mine.

I’d like him to stop mowing that lawn and move his shed to the appropriate distance (2 foot off the property line). I’m sure his in laws gave him the OK when they lived here but it’s not ok with me.

I’m also aware of adverse possession but Google Earth time line aerial photos show the shed appeared in 2010 and his in-laws lived in my house from 2005 - 2021. Ohio law says adverse possession is 21 years.

What rights do I have? I don’t want someone claiming land where my utilities are and encroaching on my property lines.

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