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Does anyone know a source for Tomande tomato seeds?

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

My sources (Tomato Growers Supply, Burpee) no longer carry it. It's been by far the best performer here and the fruits are super delicious. I've searched and searched and even bought some seeds from an Amazon seller, which I shouldn't have, because it was a scam - they were just random cherry tomatoes, but I did get a refund.

I tried 3 different varieties this year, and they're tasty, but the plants have struggled and just haven't produced as much as Tomande did. There are a lot of issues to deal with here - disease, nematodes, insects and humidity - so I prefer a hybrid with at least VFFNT resistance.

Varieties I have growing right now are Big Beef, First Prize and a newer one called Think Pink - all from here in FL. I have 10 plants this year, but last year I had only 8 Tomande and those out-produced the 10 I have now and lasted a lot longer too.

I have seen Tomande listed on a couple of European sites, but have no way of knowing whether those sites are legit.

FWIW, I just bought some Grandeur seeds which seem promising, but I won't know until next tomato season, which is at the end of the year.

Any helpful ideas appreciated...

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