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How to estimate cultured stone for gas fireplace enclosure?

Frank Marsh
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

What are the general rules to estimate how much ledger stone (specifically Cultured Stone) flats and corners I need to complete a small enclosure for a gas fireplace. The face as currently framed is 58" wide and 66" tall. It protrudes from the wall 10". The front of the fireplace unit is 37" wide by 33" tall.

I probably won't do the work myself, but when I was inquiring about what was in stock, for my first choice they said they had enough corners but maybe not enough flats. Just trying to understand for reference how many flats I would need. What are the dimensions of corners?

There is currently no framing for the base of a hearth, but how to factor that in would also be appreciated.

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