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My sad tale of woe

5 months ago

There are times when I cannot believe how incredibly stupid I am. This is one.

After I made the last baby quilt, I had quite a lot of leftover fabric, so I have been on the hunt for a pattern to use them up.

I found one that I liked and that looked relatively easy. I figured I would need 54 blocks for the size I want, six by nine. I would be using nine fabrics, so I would make six blocks of each colour. I cut and cut and cut and got the required number of pieces, put all pieces for one set of six blocks in a baggie. How organized is that!

I began the sewing process, figured out how to chain piece six blocks, and away I went.

I finished the last group yesterday and was very excited to start laying the blocks out.

I have two of those folding tables side by side and my small quilts usually fit nicely on that setup.

Well, I filled the table and still had a pile of finished blocks to lay out.

Something is not right here!

Six by nine equals 54, so that is right. Each block is eight inches. Right? No… Each block is ten inches. Aaargh! I fill pages with all my figures and plans and comments and somehow I now have enough blocks for a twin sized quilt. Or two really small quilts.

I am off to slit my wrists. I wonder if I can use my rotary cutter for that.


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