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Is Greenix Ripping me off with their "Mole Barrier?"

Elizabeth L
7 months ago

I've been having a mole problem since last year; I live in a small town with a large yard, and we don't normally get moles but these ones weren't leaving. I would say there's possibly two or three at this point, not more, on a half acre lot. I don't have the time or knowledge to trap them myself; I try to do the poke-holes-and-identify-the-main-tunnels thing but I'm never sure of the result, which convinced me that I needed a pro to just take care of the problem. There aren't any small/local companies that will trap moles (I searched) so finally I called Greenix and signed up for their expensive and pretentiously named "Mole Barrier" (which does not involve a barrier of any kind." What I was told over the phone they would do: come out for an initial visit, poke holes and mark with flags; come back in 72 hours, identify the main tunnels and set traps/baits; come back in 72 hours and check the traps; repeat for two weeks, at which point moles should be gone. This sounded legit. It sounded exactly like everything I had read about how to trap moles, so I paid the hefty price. What they actually did: came for an initial visit and buried three traps in visible surface tunnels in my vegetable garden; didn't come back for eight days; when I called them, told me that what I was told when signing up was their old protocol, sorry, and their new protocol consists of four weekly visits at which they apparently set/check/move traps, and that's it. Oh, and they call these visits "treatments." Bug spraying, rat baiting, everything they do is a "treatment," which really rubs me the wrong way because it implies that my yard and garden are sickly and in need of constant artificial intervention to stay alive. I am fine with bugs, mice, everything but the moles and I just want them gone. I don't have the time or the energy to learn to trap them myself; that's why I paid through the nose for "professionals." Also, they're trying to constantly upsell me on their bug spraying "treatments" (even telling me that they would include this wonderful service for free at one point) and I keep telling them no, but it terrifies me that they will get their wires crossed and cover my yard and garden with pesticides, which would be a disaster for many reasons, but especially because I grow food and sell it to people. I am busy and gone during the day and can't supervise whoever they send out; I have been literally posting a sign on the door forbidding pesticides but...

Anyway, I gave them the benefit of the doubt with this mole thing, but the first "treatment" didn't catch any moles. The tech didn't inform me of this when he reset the traps; he just informed me that he'd done another "treatment" (i.e. moved one of the traps to a tunnel at the base of a tree and far from the main mounds, that I know has been there for weeks and very unlikely to be active; I'm not sure he even touched the other traps, as they look exactly like they did and are in the same places.) I had to call him back to get him to admit that he didn't kill any moles.

It's been three days since the second "treatment." I can see the traps still aren't triggered. The traps are this type: They are brand new looking, down to the yellow stickers on top. They haven't been used before. I'm getting the feeling these guys have never done this before, and just grabbed some brand new traps and stuck them in the visible tunnels without knowing what they're doing. I'm getting the feeling they're not in fact "professionals."

Can anybody with experience weigh in and tell me if there's any chance of this working? This is a totally bogus way to go about trapping moles, right? Is it even possible for someone with lots of experience (which I don't think these people have) to know which tunnels are active just by looking? I spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone with the "account manager yesterday," where he told me that I had only had two "treatments" and I should just be patient because they are "confident" four "treatments" should "clear up" the problem (never mind that the "treatments" aren't killing moles). He refused to answer as to why this is not the service I was described, or how they are assessing which tunnels to put the traps in when they don't poke holes. He implied that I wanted unrealistically speedy results, when all I want is some sort of results. But hey, the "mole barrier" is "warrantied" which apparently means that if the next two "treatments" don't catch any moles I will have these men tramping around my yard every week moving the useless traps all summer FOR FREE! While the moles continue to destroy my entire landscape.

Is it worth waiting for the rest of the "treatments"? Has anybody successfully gotten their money back from Greenix? Ughh...

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