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Flooring dilemma: Install new floors after closet system?

Carrie H
5 months ago

We’re remodeling our primary bathroom, which will include moving the door to the walk-in closet from the bathroom the to bedroom. This messes with the currently crappy closet storage so I’d hoped to install a new closet system, probably Ikea Pax. The closet and bedroom both have carpet, which we plan to remove when we do the remaining floors in a year, probably going with engineered hardwood.

My dilemma: How to install a new closet system now without messing up the later floor installation. My short-term fix was going to be to remove the carpet where the closet system will stand, and secure the closet system boxes either directly on the plywood underneath or on 2x4 boxes. I’d leave carpet on the floor elsewhere in the closet for now and when the new floor goes in we’d bring it up to the closet boxes, and put in molding at the bottoms. Thoughts? Is there any reasonable way to do this without messing up our later floor installation?

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