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Which Storm Window brands are still available in 2023?

5 months ago

I still need to purchase 22 storm windows for my 1880s house. Unfortunately, over the past few years, some of the most highly recommended storm window manufacturers have left the business.

At this point I'm pretty sure that I need aluminum 3-track storms (so the screen can be lifted if necessary) in almond or tan. I don't need noise abatement, but would like low-E glass.

I'm hoping to get advice on a few things:

  • Who is still manufacturing 2-track and 3-track storm windows? So far I've found Larson, Quanta-Panel, Affordable, and MonRay. Sadly, Pro-Via is gone.
  • Am I correct that 2-track storms typically have a full-height, stationary screen? I'd prefer the open-ability of a movable screen, but I'm not finding many 3-track storms available--especially not in tan or almond.
  • What type of mark-up should I expect to pay a contractor for installation? (We need 22 windows.)
  • What types of features look best on a historic house?: Wider or narrower frames, blindstop vs overlap installation, beveled or flat?

Thanks in advance for sticking with me while I've dawdled on this project!

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