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Question on pruning Blenheim Apricot tree

Dave Johnson
5 months ago

We moved into our house 2 years ago. It has what I believe to be a Blenheim Apricot tree (according to Picture This app) that had not been pruned or taken care of in a very long time, but still fruited a little bit our first two summers here. This year in February I finally got around to pruning it. The photo below shows how it looks after that pruning. The tree is pretty large (and around 25 years old I believe), you can see several places where I chainsawed off medium size branches. All of the ones I targeted were very sad looking, some were obviously dead, and all were covered in this sickly yellow lichen, and they were growing straight out sideways and even sagging down a bit. I know that a lot of the other branches that are sagging probably need to go too, but I didn't want to remove too much volume in a single year, the branches I removed amounted to a lot of the tree, together.

I guess the only specific question I have is, do these cuts look ok? I really have no clue what I'm doing, I made the cuts about 6" from the trunk, and I angled them up a little bit in case new growth wants to come out of there. Should I have just cut them all the way back to the trunk and flush instead? Any other general advice or things I've done wrong?


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