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I have maple in my LL, can I put vinyl on my stairs and upper level?

Jennifer Garborg
5 months ago

I have hardwood maple whitewash in my living & dinning room, white tile in my entry and kitchen, can i introduce a different vinyl floor on the stairs (up and down) and continue it into the bedrooms upstairs? It's winter white, so i whiter floor than the maple. OR should I continue wiht the maple on the stairs and do carpet in the bedrooms? I need to know for resale, what are people wanting, i believe the trend is vinyl but i'd have to introduce a differnt 'faux wood' and different color. It won't match the existing maple. I couldn't find any faux maple vinyl that matched existing. This is a high end home so i dont' want to make a major design error but just updating enough to sell. Any advice is so aprreciated.

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