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Best Options? Two Different Roses on one arbor, complimentary Colors

Kimberly Wendt (Florida Z. 10b)
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

Okay rosarian friends.... I have a white vinyl garden arch. 4' wide, 8' tall. See picture.

Time to Dream: Of the roses below, which rose pairings would YOU recommend next to each other?? Which colors compliment each other side by side?

List of less flexible or large climbers best for arches and big trellis:

James Galway (English mid to pale light pink) 12'

Marie Van Houtte - (Tea, yell/white w/ pink edges) 3-9'x3'

Moonlight Romantica (CL/Shrub yellow) 6'x 3-4' Meilland

Tess of the d'Urbervilles (English 'crimson') 6-8'x3.5'

The Generous Gardener (English lite pink/white) 15'x4'

Zepherine Drouhin - (Bourbon deep pink) 15'x3-6'

Flexible Climbers for pillars, obelisks, or arches:

Arborose Jasmina violet and pink 7' Kordes

Arborose Quicksilver lavender 7', Kordes

Arborose Honeymoon white/lite pink 7' Kordes

Claire Austin English cream 12'

Lady of Shalott English orange 8'

Moonlight Hybrid Musk white/lemon semi double 4-8'

Sarasota Spice Noisette white 6' cascades

Teasing Georgia English deep yellow 12'

Wollerton OH English pale apricot 12'

I have six 8' tall matching copper obelisks for some of these, and Sarasota actually cascades (wow) so I was going to put her in a large decorative pot on top of a plinth and let her do her 'thing'.

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