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Please help with ceiling height.

Swt P
last month

We are adding a 2 story addition to an existing 1930s home and now have to make a decision about whether we should step down from the bar/dining room area to the new family room /kitchen in order to "capture" 10 foot ceilings VS. Keeping the first floor flat but living with 8.5-9 ft ceilings. The new great room will be 18x 30 feet (so large and may benefit from the taller ceiling). Our existing living space has 8.75 ft ceilings and I don't feeling like they are that low due to very large windows throughout. The other option would be to raise the 2nd floor of the addition by 2 steps in order to still allow 10ft ceilings on the first floor. But it will disrupt the clean lines of the belt around the exterior of the house and the even window heights.
My concern is that having steps between a dining room and kitchen will be a trip hazard (as we already have awkward steps in the house and guests have tripped many times). But i don't want to spend the money to build a large reno only to regret ceiling height. So ceiling height vs steps ? Thank you.

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