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Does Bud Blast -affect- the bloom or the bulb as well

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

I've been getting Bud blast on a particular double daffidol 3 - maybe 4 years in a row . This year, no late frost freeze, if not a record setting temp day today. As well, this particular daffidol - no signs of bud blast. It all opened up fine this year

Daffidols are in bloom (maybe the remainder 15% will be opening up tomorrow)

However, when I look at the QTY of them, it looks like 1/3+ that was getting bud blast are no longer present .

Leaves are always left till almost full brown out or almost close to brown out before removed.

So riddle me this. On Late Freezes, does it simply affect the bud bloom ?

Just trying to grasp while I'm seeing at least 40% less of this in the yards at this time


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