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Fiddle leaf fig help

Margaret Oh
5 months ago

Hi guys,

I am hoping someone can help me with my fiddle leaf figs that appear to not be doing so well. I recently came across Al’s 5-1-1 mix and wanted to use it for my new figs. Since then I have learned that right now is not the best time to replant them but since they were root bound and pretty compacted in the grower pot I got them in, I decided it was best to repot asap.

I had a very hard time finding pine bark fines in my area. I live in a suburb of Chicago and didn’t realize how difficult it would be. I found a landscape yard and trekked through mud to acquire some pine bark and then sifted it through a 1/2 baking rack :D. Since I recently purchased a new bag of Fox Farms Ocean mix, I reached out to Al to see if I could use this mixed with the pine in different proportions so my purchase did not go to waste. He recommended a ratio for me. I mixed it up and repotted both the figs (and trimmed some roots). After repotting, both figs started drooping their leaves and both have lost at least 8 leaves from the bottom. The one in the white planter started perking up after a couple weeks, while the one in the brown planter is suffering. I did notice some little fruit flies on the one in the brown planter and sprayed a diluted hydrogen peroxide mix on the top of the soil in hopes of getting rid of the flies.

I replanted a citrus tree in the same mix as the figs and since I might have dried out the roots while replanting, the branches ended up turning completely brown. I took it out to inspect the roots the other day and noticed that the mix that it was in was completely soaked at the bottom of the pot (all my planters have drainage holes). So now I am thinking that this is the issue with the figs- the mix is retaining too much moisture and not drying out completely. The pine mix I got has a lot of dust in it (and might even have some sand mixed in) which I’m thinking is the reason why the mix isn’t drying out properly.

I would hate to lose both figs and am hoping there is something I can do to fix the issue. If the pine bark that I have does indeed have too much dust, I would like to purchase the right product but need help locating some. I would like to start over and get it right for future plants too.

The pictures I’m attaching are both figs, the leaves browning, the dry pine bark mix that I have and what it looked like at the bottom of the pot drenched. Any advice is really appreciated and I’m crossing my fingers that they can thrive once the issues are corrected. Thanks!

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