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My Macrophylla is blooming!

Bill M.
7 months ago

My Hoya macrophylla albomarginata is getting ready to explode with blooms! This is a plant that I sprayed with a sulpher solution last fall, then brought inside. I didn't know if it had flat mites, but from what I read, those people who sprayed their plants saw increased blooming. I figured if it did have motes, this would kill them. If it didn't have mites (which I don't think it did because it has always bloomed in the past without problems) this could only help. Well help it did! It has dozens of peduncles and some have already opened already. I put it outside this week, in my small hobby GH, along with a heater for the cold nights, but it doesn't seem to mind at all. I'm almost a month early for bringing them out, but I couldn't wait! Here she is:

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