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What kind of Mouse/Critter is it?

CA Kate z9
5 months ago

I've had these little (?) mice in my side garden since we moved here 12 years ago. I caught one peeking out at me last year when I took a photo of an Iris. I didn't even notice it until recently.

The color is strange... kind of a strecked yellow-white. The eyes are those jet-black beads that are their only other color. The nose is the same color. They have: a tear drop shape; a furry tail; small cubby ears that are flat to the head; short legs; and are about the size of two walnut shells together.

They act a bit like an opossum in that if you stumble across one, they hunker down and pretend that they are either dead or a piece of fruit.(?) I think they've decided, after all these years, that I won't hurt them, and altho' wary of me, they seem to go on about their business.

I think they live under the potting bench because I always spy them in the same area... nowhere else. Of course, this is where the vegetable garden is too... vegitarians no doubt.

I haven't seen them yet this year, but it's been cold and only recently has gotten warm enough to even plant seed... rare for us.

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