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Super Wet Bark Mix

5 months ago

Just talking my 511 mix is nowhere close...

I've been receiving alot of small trees (5G/3G) and the nusery is using some sort of wood chip mix. Anyhow, it's mailorder and unless they are putting in something like soil moist in it, and or it's super decomposed and consistely being -water drip fed-, but the soil of these nursery items I am receiving is insanely wet. I mean literally I can remove the plastic bag they enclose the pot it, it keeps the moisture in, but regardless, I can pull the plant plug out of the pot and it is dripping water...

I'm going to do the Gritty Mix for these intended container plants (dwarf conifers) but what am I amiss. How does wood get and stay so dang wet. I mean my container mixes the following day feel moist, but not dripping wet. If I dig out half of the container mix and get to the bottom of the pot, I suppose the bark can be just as the nursery mix that I am comparing to. How do they get the wood to be sopping wet and not even dry out. I mean literally it is tha wet from top to bottom in observation that prompted this post.

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