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Clivia Potted...

puglvr (9B)
5 months ago

Hi all, I was wondering how often are you guys watering your potted Clivia plants. I have one in an 8 inch pot and noticed the potting mix was staying a little on the moist side so I decided to repot it to a

smaller 6 inch pot to give it some extra drainage and noticed some of the roots have rotted. I have been watering it every 10 days from Spring to Fall and basically stopped watering it in winter. Apparently every 10 days during the warm/hot weather was too much. Should I water every 2 weeks or is that too much also? I know everyone has different soil mixes but I repotted mine with potting mix, mixed with some smaller Orchid bark and some perlite. It had a very small bloom last year but nothing so far this year and probably won't have it. I've had the plant appx. 3 or 4 years.

Thanks in advance

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