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Sad Day - End Of An Era

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

Today I disassembled the Homelite Jacobsen 20" 'commercial' mower I bought in 1989, with a 3.5 HP B&S with some advanced features - aluminum deck, quiet muffler, electronic ignition, engine brake. I used it for 4 years at my previous house with tiny lawn but when I moved in 1994 I needed larger, self-propelled mulching mowers. So, I lent it to my sister-in-law and her husband but I picked it up every year and refreshed it. It came back to me and I then lent it to my brother who used it for several years - same deal, I kept it up. then they moved in with his son and i gave it back to the SIL who had just bought a house. Her daughters used it for a few years and it finally came back to me for the last time. I kept it but rarely could come up with a reason for using it. Then, the last time I used it for real, I couldn't help but hear the rattling after it got hot when hitting a demand like taller grass. I put some motor honey in it but finally the reality hit me - it's done. 34 years - not too bad, eh? Sweetest little bagger you ever saw. But the blades went obsolete, the bag wore out and was not available, you couldn't get the same wheels anymore, yada, yada. So the trash truck on Thursday is going to get some loud clunks and thumps when they dump my can. I did run it out of gas and drain the oil.

So 'Hail and Farewell' to a damn good mower, the likes of which are gone with the wind.