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Spring Swap 2023 PLANTS - What are you bringing, what do you want?

Hi Everyone!

I suggested Arborwolf put in the swap thread to post there what you're bringing and what you might be hoping to get, but in thinking about it I decided that it might be easier to keep all the specific plant-related info in a separate thread--leaving the real swap thread open for info about who's coming and what food they're bringing, and info about other "swap necessities" like silverware/paper plates, etc--so I'm starting this separate thread to be used just for Plant Information!

Please post here when you know what you're planning/hoping to bring, and also say if you're willing to let people do Dibs or not--if you'll earmark plants specifically for them or if they need to wait till the day of the swap to try to grab them!

Also, if there's something you're hoping to find at the swap, or you hope somebody might have and be able to bring some something for you, post that here too! That doesn't mean that you'll get it--but if nobody knows you're looking for it you for sure won't get it!

I'll start with just this small offering!

I'll have at least two "batches" of Crocosmia 'Lucifer' corms! Corms are like and are planted like "bulbs," but they can be planted any time, so spring will work as well as any other time! I may have more than two, but won't know that till closer to the swap! 'Lucifer' is a stunning red-orange Crocosmia that blooms about mid-summer! I can't post pics anymore [thanks to google discontinuing Picasa and WebAlbums--thank you google!] but just search/duckduckgo it to see how amazing they are!

As posted on the Swap FAQs, I do not do Dibs anymore! The last time I did it got so confusing I wound up with a separate thread just trying to keep track of who wanted things I was bringing--and I still missed somebody completely--and I still feel bad about it to this day!!! I always try to bring at least two of the things I bring, and usually more than just two, so everybody gets a chance at them!

I hope to be potting up some things in the next few "warm days" and will be back to post them when I can!


TH 04.06.23 @ 1455 MDT

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