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Which Hydrangea would work best?

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

Hello everyone.

I have never posted on the hydrangea forum but have been reading some of your post for a few days now. I mostly post on the roses forum. My only success with hydrangeas are 4 Annabelle’s I have in a location that gets 4 hours of morning sun and bright light the rest of the day. My other experience with hydrangeas has been killing 5 Bloomstruck from lack of water on a super dry summer (hopefully will not happen again). My drive is surrounded by pine trees and the worse part is that it also has some cedars on the south side (lower and denser). I would love to have lots of hydrangeas filling the space inside the pines (any color would be fine, I specially love white). I planted 8 Bobo last week around my sculpture and then watched YouTube videos that said they needed lots of sun. I have moved them to more sunny locations at this point.

I have narrowed my options from reading this forum to:

  1. Oakleaf (Ruby sleepers)
  2. Big leaf from the endless summer collection (we often get hard freezes after everything has new foliage here in north Alabama)
  3. Smooth hydrangea Incrediball since I love my Annabelle.

I am opening large holes and amending the soil. I think during the summer the sun is high enough there may be direct sun at midday but right now it seems to be dappled all day long at the center of the circle. I am sorry for such a long post. Most of my success as a rose gardener has been due to the gardeners from the gardenweb forums and I wanted to give you a good idea of what I am working with. Thank you for any advice and ideas you may offer. I am open to any other hydrangea that you think may work also.

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