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Anyone know about fabric? I'm really torn on which fabric to choose

Nina D'Cruz
10 months ago
last modified: 10 months ago

We're looking at getting a sofa in Freedom and I'm choosing between 3 different colours and 3 different made fabrics in weave. We will get the 5 year protection like a Scotchgard on it. We've no children just two of us, however I love to snack and eat on the couch in front of TV, tea and chocolate most concern. First material is 100% Polyester in kind of a taupe. We both like this colour. Now, I read that 100% polyester isn't great due to material not breathable and can get hot in it especially in summer (hubby runs hot) and holds on to odor and sweat, also you can get static charge but super durable, smooth feel and I can steam clean. Second material is Viscose 67%, Polyester 18% 9% Linen and 6% other. Hubby is leaning towards this one however it's in cream/oatmeal colour so quite light. I don't think I can use steam on it since I read Viscose can react with water, lose elasticity and can get crinkly. Also worried about it being cream/oatmeal I'm worried about dust, stains and dirt, not as durable also a bit rougher texture. But, it's breathable and it looks nice. Maybe the most sensitive of the 3. Least of my favourite. Hubby's number 1. Third material Polyester 67%, Acrylic $27% and 10% linen. This one is in grey and the one I am most leaning towards but he thinks it matches our walls (light grey with blue hue) too much. I like It has a combination of Linen and of Poly and Acrylic making it it durable and kind of water proof, may stay good looking a long time and I can most likely steam clean this too. My number 1 and hubby's least fave. I keep saying to hubby Number 3 will go well with house as it is a different tone grey but of course he wants the oatmeal saying it is lighter and will stand out more and brighten the place. I'm just not sure of material and light colour susceptible to stain/dirt. Any experience on these upholstery materials? Own, sell or work with them? Can give advice on how to best choose? Need a third party, outsider opinion and advice please. Thank you very much.

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