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I have a Dill and Fennel problem....

6 months ago

I have never ever been able to grow dill or (leaf) fennel for the years and years that I have tried. This time I put the various seeds between moist paper towels in a warm area and as soon as I saw one sprout I put it on seedling mix in a little cup, one see to each cup. I started the seeds to germinate on 3/10/23 and today 4/1/23 the plants are so big already. (I had never gotten beyond the two leaf stage before this.) What do I do now? Not showing it here but the roots are girdling at the bottom of the cups. When is the earliest one can plant dill outside? Does it have to be after the last frost date or can it be one or two weeks before? My last frost date is April 27th, soooo far away. I suppose I could pot up each of those plants into tall and narrow cups but OMG that is a lot of work and a lot of space. I did not think or know that dill grows that fast. What is the best path for me now to grow these plants this season ? I hope I dont have to lose all these plants.

And why do some plants flop so badly?

Thanks so much my friends!

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