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Different Backsplashes on 2 Walls of Kitchen

I am completely renovating my kitchen, and will have an L-shaped wall that has the range, sink and upper and lower cabinets. On the wall across from the range, we will have a wet bar. Should the backsplash above the range and the the backsplash above the wet bar be the same?

I am attaching renderings of what the space will look like. I am also attaching a photo of the cream/gold mosaic backsplash pattern that has hints of blue in it that I will use for the range. I will tile between the upper and lower cabinets using the same mosaic, but just the lower part that is mostly cream with just some pieces of gold. I hope I'm explaining that well.

Should the backsplash behind the wet bar be the same mosaic? I was thinking of using the same pattern and adding more blue accents to it? Or is it too busy with accent walls across from each other?

Thanks for your advice!

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