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make-up vanity height dilema

last month

I am remodeling my bathroom and I have loved my make-up vanity area. I am moving my sink to the center between the windows (my husband's sink is directly opposite so this will give some symmetry). My vanity will be installed below the window on the left. I am removing the closet and installing cabinetry as there are lots of doors in my bathroom. I will only do a partial cabinet on the top so that I won't feel crammed in the vanity space. Also, I am doing wall mounted faucets which will set out about 6 inches from the center of the cabinetry providing some dimension. My dilemma is that I have been told that majority new builds and remodels are installing the make-up vanity at 36 inches. I am short, have RA, and want to age in place. I would need to use a counter stool instead of my ball or vanity chair which is quite doable. I would love opinions about 36 inch vs 30 inch high vanities. Thank you!

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