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2 months ago

Let's start out by saying that this group is for members of FOTESS which stands for Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can contact me (Jeanne) through Houzz messages or by posting here.

There is no swap this month, but we had a fantastic time with the Round Robin in March. This month we will chat and discuss CLEAN AND GREEN topics and play Bingo for a prize. Of course, we are happy to have members share pictures, especially relating to their gardens.

Here's where we are going with this – some time ago I hosted a month where we discussed cleaning. It was in January which is when so many are getting their house back in order after the holidays. We talked about things to clean, cleaning routines, and plenty more. Now it's Spring cleaning time for some and we can expand this time and also talk about cleaning garden tools, what to do with older seeds, chores in the garden, etc. We may talk a bit about when to prune, mulch, and things like that and even get a bit scientific and talk about chlorophyll, minerals in the soil, soil composition, etc. And of course if you pay special attention to being “a friend of the earth” and use earth friendly methods or products for your home and yard ("chemicals" that are environmentally neutral or maybe even good for Mother Nature) or don't use chemicals at all, we can talk about that. Hope all of it is fun and maybe useful, too. I sure learned things last time.

Bingo will be our one game for this month and every FOTESS member is welcome to participate. I will supply the list of words by April 3 and please send your selections to me by the end of the day on April 5. The game will begin on April 6.

Happy April!

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