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Induction cooktop questions/concerns

2 months ago

I am getting a Monogram induction cooktop installed next week (ZHU36RDTBB) and am already regretting my decision on getting this particular brand/model. Two main concerns......hoping someone has experience with these issues and can offer advice.

1) This is a 36"cooktop with 5 burners. There are two 5" burners, one 7"burner, one 4 1/2" burner and one 5 1/4" burner. I wish I would have looked at the burner sizes before buying as these seem super small; my mistake! Can I use a 10" frying pan and will it cook evenly? How do you cook a large meal with a 7" burner? I called Monogram and they said I should use pans that are the same diameter as the burner so I shouldn't use any pan bigger than 7". Is this true?

as a side note...Monogram gives you a free 11" hestan cue pan with the purchase of the induction cooktop. I asked the Monogram rep why they give you a 11" pan if the biggest pan I should use with the cooktop is 7". They could not answer that question!

2) I want to prevent scratches on the cook top so I was going to purchase silicon mats to go under the pans. The one I was going to buy is the highly rated Lazy K on Amazon. While researching, the Lazy K mat says it is not compatible with GE appliances--not sure why. I called Monogram and they said not to use ANYTHING between the pans and the cooktop (no mats, no paper, no parchment paper). So there is no way to protect the cooktop from getting scratches.....?? Anyone with this cooktop that has used something to prevent scratches?

Thanks for any insight!

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