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Elevation help!

Sheri Smith
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Does this home look classic or already outdated? This is a home I am having built in Florida. It was mentioned to me that this elevation already looks dated because of the little Gables on the roof. Someone suggested to me that I should have Full Gables on each of those parts of the roof. In front of the right side, left side and the middle , where the columns are. Also, it was mentioned that the columns shape looks dated. Any suggestions of how are you might change the home? I want a classic looking home. It is in a rual area, yet Homes are fairly expensive because of the land value. would like a classic , maybe even slight farmhouse vibe to it since it is a rual area. inside the home has stained beams with a vaulted ceiling and flat with white beams. wood plank flooring

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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