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HELP! Silestone Calacatta Gold Slab - SEAM issues-

last year

Hi there:

I am building a house and ordered a slab of the Silestone, Calacatta Gold Quartz. After they put the island in they figured that the island is not big enough. It was re-designed to be bigger and now I will need 2 slabs of the Calacatta Gold to complete the job. They are telling me that I may have to change selections (still pay for the other, because it was already ordered) because it's not a "bookended" slab and it will never look good with the seam matching up with the veining. I need someone that can help me find a good way to match up the slabs. Does anyone have a program that can figure out the best cuts on the slabs to make it match up the best way it can? I know it would not be perfect, but the slab does have large white voids in it that I would think can work. I would so appreciate the help! Thank you!

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