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Internet speed question

11 months ago

I have been having some problems with my internet speed. This morning, on a Zoom call with some friends, the sound was breaking up and my friends told me to check the internet speed. It was 6Mb/second download and 11Mb/second upload. I am using my computer with WiFi. I then unplugged my cable modem, waited 10 seconds, and plugged it back in. It took awhile for the connection to re-establish the connection, but when it did, I checked the speed again. Using a hard-wired connection, it was 350Mb/s on download, but still 11Mb/s on upload. I then disconnected the Ethernet and used WiFi and the download was about 100. An hour later, I checked it again (still on WiFi) and now it is 308.

A few months ago, I had taken my cable modem back to Spectrum and they gave me a "new" one, but it looks exactly the same, and has a paper label marked "legacy" on it. Is this relevant to my problem?

My router is a fairly high-end Linksys one, costing about $350 6 years ago. Could that be part of my problem?

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