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Contractor dilemma on new ADU build on existing home.

Robert Apodaca
2 months ago

We recently contracted with a guy to build a new ADU attached directly to an existing home. The build is almost done and when I got onto the roof I noticed that the materials used and the design of the roof was not what was specified in the plans. The roofing notes on the blueprints for the roof specifically state "Sure-White EPDM" from a specific company but the materials used is not that, he used the cheapest materials for roofing, it's a flat roof so the notes specifically state for a particular type of material EPDM, we also noticed that the roofer didn't build the pitch correctly and put two scuppers instead of one with the water channels going directly into one scupper. We noticed that the roof isn't draining properly and it's got water puddles 3-4 days after a rain. I brought it to his attention but he insists that it's done correctly and that it will be ok. I disagree and we're about done with the build and should be coming up on our final inspections with the city inspector here soon. What should we do? Do we have any recourse and what would the best plan of action be?

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