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Experiences w/re-using old, all wood kitchen cabinets in remodel

Tastie Cereale
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I inherited my dad's house and am in the process of planning a kitchen remodel. He built the home in 1984, and installed custom-made oak cabinetry. Looking at new cabinets, I'm really put off by all the partical board and other garbage materials. Real wood, even plywood, is $$, and other than custom made, most don't look like they'd last.

I'm considering re-using the cabinet boxes to the extent possible, and getting new doors for what can be salvaged. Then any add'l cabinets that may be needed I'd have custom made to match. I know this is more work, but in the end my hope is to have a more durable, long lasting, and quality materials kitchen, without the cost of all new, custom made wood cabinetry (which I can't afford).

Anyone here done this? If so, did you like the outcome? Regrets?

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