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Spring Wardrobe Refresh - opinions & thoughts

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

A few things are sparking a small spring wardrobe refresh ... I need some better tops for on video, I have some travel plans and it is very soon my birthday month. I am good on the tops for the most part -- I picked up a few v-neck and boatneck tops in good colors. I don't need to dress professionally so a nice tee or sweater with jewelry is perfect.

I have a handful of other pieces I like for travel, casual dinners, etc. but my list of "wants" exceeds my remaining budget.. I can increase my budget but I am *trying* to stick to my budgets (something I tend not to do well lol). Depending on which items I select, I can get 2-4 of my selections.

You all have always been great about giving me your honest opinions .. so hoping you'll weigh in and let me know which are your favorites-- and which you hate! I am looking for cute.. can be dressed up/down ... and ideally adaptable if/as I continue to lose weight.

Images to follow .. I am going to hold my opinions for now ;)

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