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Design advice - New Chimney Wall Hood - what to do with crown molding?

Bruce Mac
11 months ago

Kitchen remodel. New 54in Wall Chimney style hood. Upper cabinets on that wall do NOT butt up against the hood. There is 9in of clearance on both sides between the uppers and the widest part of the hood--by design. Duct will run up through the ceiling. Cabinets to ceiling with crown molding. Wall will have tile backsplash up to ceiling behind/around hood and under cabinets.

What I'm struggling with is where should I place crown? Should I have the crown return around the top sides of the upper cabinets and die into the wall/ceiling, or should I have the crown continue on and butt up against the sides of the duct cover? Trying to decide what will look best aesthetically and finding it tough to find good pictures of both options.

Thoughts here? Thanks in advance.

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