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recessed can lighting questions

William Dedula
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello all;

I just bought a house built in 1973 and it came without any lighting fixtures. Apparently previous owner used floor lamps. I had recessed lights installed in my previous house and really loved them. Those recessed lights had a screw receptacle which would accept either E26 or BR30.

Now fast foreward to today, I am having the kitchen remodeled in my newly bought home mut every one of my remodelers want to install recessed lights with integrated (Non replacacle) LEDs. YES I know LEDs are supposed to last 50,000 hours. However I do a lot with home automation and would love to get a housing with easily obtainable and replacable bulbs.

One remodeler said the type with replacable bulbs is "old school" and outdated. Is this true or are they still used?

It seems when I search for recessed lighting housings, I only see the versions with non replacable/integrated bulbs. What is this type of housing called? What do I search for to find recessed housing that will accept a E26 or BR30 bulb? Thanks. Tim

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