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Identity theft - new question about protection

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Today DH got a letter from Comenity Bank indicating more info was needed to approve his credit card application. RED ALERT - he hasn't applied for any credit cards. So I check Experian and find four recent inquiries related to credit applications - RED ALERT. We just spent a few hours putting a freeze and fraud alert on at all the credit reporting agencies and figuring out where the applications were made based on the cryptic credit report abbreviations. You'd think you could talk to someone at Experian to get this information but you cannot reach a live human being there. Equifax and Transunion were much better to deal with but the inquiries weren't made there. It wasn't easy to get to a human at the four companies where the credit applications were made but I managed to bulldoze my way through the gawd-awful phone system. Fortunately none of the applications were approved and they were noted as fraudulent. Tomorrow I will file a police report and now I'm on alert for tax return fraud, as it seems they had his SSN as the businesses pulled up the applications based on that, and who knows what else. Of course we have no idea what led to this fiasco. Uggghhhh.....

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