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Suggestions for a graveside ceremony?

2 months ago

I am thinking about how we will conduct my mother’s graveside ceremony in May. Obviously, her body was cremated. Her cremains are in an urn vault. Twelve of us will be traveling for about 2.5 hours to the cemetery in her hometown where her ashes will be interred with her parents and grandparents.

I need to think of some kind of ceremony. It’s a long way to go to just have the ashes put in the ground, turn around and leave.

I am considering asking a minister to lead a prayer. Coincidentally, the cemetery is owned by a funeral home which belongs to a minister, so maybe he would do it. Our family is mostly not religious. Mom was raised as a Methodist and although she never said much, I do think was a believer. Religion was complicated in our family.

I suppose we could each add a handful of soil into the grave, and maybe say something?

We will have had a life celebration the day before and will spread some of her ashes on her garden (which is likely to be subdivided when the property is sold).

Any ideas? I want to keep it fairly simple.

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